Transform your face using Artificial Intelligence
with just one tap

Mind-blowing effects

Make them smile
Meet your future self
Look younger
Change your style


Who said augmented reality requires donning a pair of goggles?

The gender swapping is perhaps the most interesting feature, and often turns out some quite convincing results.

Moving from one gender role to another is a long, time-consuming process. But realistically changing genders in a photo is now a snap.

Different from the filters we know through Snapchat, FaceApp instead morphs faces by blending in facial features so that it can change a closed mouth to a toothy smile.

Using artificial intelligence, the app morphs faces by merging in facial features. The app uses neural networks for its transformations.

Tired of all those duck-face selfies? Replace them with a toothy grin with just one tap.

We new friends!